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At we incorporate the latest research and our own experience of products to bring you the most reliable reviews and up to date information on thousands of products, to help you choose what may be best for you, so you can look your absolute best! is the creation of beauty expert and skin care specialist Nicola Kelliher founder of multi award winning beauty salon Nicola’s Haven. Nicola and her team of qualified beauty therapists are committed to the highest standards of education, excellence, and honesty, combined with a passionate community who include their diverse ideas and feedback to our reviews.

Of course, not everyone will agree with our reviews or opinions, and there may be some products that we may fail to review. That is where our readers will play their part, by subscribing and requesting a review of the product they are interested in, our team will then use it, and give an honest review following their experience.

In 2004 Nicola had a vision to establish a highly professional beauty salon, that focused on a holistic approach to educating clients regarding their skin health, while offering an elite range of skin & beauty treatments. Since then, we have successfully reinvested in our ideals, progressed and developed our experience and our team now specialises in advance skin and beauty care. We are passionate about result driven products, and our greatest pleasure comes from clients experiencing the benefits of our holistic and scientific based approach.

Our award-winning salon has achieved; 


Gold partnership with IIAA The International Institute Of Anti-Aging for 2018/2019
Won Best Beauty Salon Of The Year 2019 with Connect Publications 
Won Best Beauty Salon Of The Year 2018 with Kerry Wedding Industry Awards
and Nicola won overall Beauty Individual 2017 with Connect Publications. 


Our commitment to excellence is delivered through investment into staff training and development, and continuous progression through result driven treatments and products. 

Innovation is our passion and we always seek the latest advancements in the beauty industry to provide the best results to our clients. is an essential website where you can go for experienced advice from professional therapist and fellow beauty obsessed individuals.


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