Eve Lom Cleanser

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

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This cleanser is a thick, balm cleanser which combines four aromatic plant oils. Eve Lom’s original cleanser removes even waterproof make-up as well as exfoliating and conditioning the skin. One of the first balm cleansers on the market, sold alongside a muslin cloth for make up removal, it remains the hero product of the Eve Lom brand.

This is a stable product for us. It’s luxurious feel and deep cleaning feel always leaves the skin feeling great. It’s a bit of a lengthy cleanse, so it's not ideal if you are caught for time.

Eve lom generally recommends you do three cleanses inclusing using hot water on your mitt before rinsing cold water on your Muslin cloth patting it over the face to cool the skin and tighten pores.

This is a great product for dry, rough, uneven skin tone. We do not recommend this for oily skin, bacterial or cystic acne. We find it too rich and heavy for this skin type. 

An amazing product though and can be bought in varying sizes and packs. The large 200ml might seem expensive but it can last up to a year which is great value when broken down. It packs a 4.3 rating on amazon and there are plenty of reviews to choose from in addition to ours.

Buy this product here