Fake Tan Application

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Hi all, I have pale skin and love using fake tan in the mousse format but I am not the best at applying it. How would you suggest I prepare my skin for getting the best finish.

Thanking you as always, Natalie

Hi Natalie

We are so glad you’ve asked this question as it’s vital to prep your skin prior to applying false tan to get the best result no matter if you use mist, spray, cream or mousse.

Here is what we suggest;

To ensure your skin is in the perfect condition, before applying your tan, exfoliate your skin the night before you plan to apply your tan. With an oil based sugar or salt scrub on damp skin using circular motions all over the body concentrating on any particular dry areas to insure you remove any build up of dry skin and any old residue of tan on the skin. Rinse off the scrub in the shower and moisturise with a body butter or deep hydrating cream.

If you don’t get to exfoliate the night before, try to do it prior applying your tan with an oil-free scrub. So it doesn’t leave any oil residue on the skin before applying tan. This process of exfoliating will prepare your skin prior to tanning, ensuring a flawless, streak-free tan.

Make sure to do any waxing or shaving at least 24 hours prior to tan application. And not to exfoliate the skin the same day as waxing or shaving as it will irritate the skin.

If you have any extreme dehydrated areas ie. elbows, knees or feet you can apply an oil free moisturiser on these areas just before applying your tan.

To get an even streak free tan when using a mousse tan, use a soft mitt and a small amount of tan on the mitt, blend fast and evenly. And if you want a dark rich tan, apply a second or third coat. Always avoiding the hands and feet until you have the tan blended all over the arms and legs, and use the excess that’s left on the tanning mitt and go over the hands and feet then. You can always use an old make up brush to blend the tan on the hands and feet area too!

Wear loose clothing or pyjamas after applying tan, keep socks off feet to avoid marks. Generally you should sleep overnight to let the tan develop, unless it’s a rapid 3hour developing tan.

When showering off the tan, make sure to use shower gel or soap. Foam it up on your hands and apply all over to insure you remove the residue, and rinse off. Pat dry the skin and moisturise using an oil free cream. To keep your tan lasting longer and for a better fade, make sure to moisturise everyday.

There are endless products on the market and in all honesty it's difficult to say any one product is better than the rest. However, we have been using the following 3 mousse's for a long time now and highly recommend each.

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Thank you for your query Natalie and the team hopes our recommendations help you with any future application of your own fake tan.