Veet Gel Cream Hair Remover

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Covid-19. Since the beginning of 2020 it's surrounded us. It's affected every walk of life and the things we take for granted. Even a trip to the salon to get our 'bits' done.

So at we have been looking at lots of different hair removers that will a great job until life resumes and we all get back into visiting our local salon.

Veet hair removal cream is unlike shaving as this new formula contains ingredients that can help restore skin's hydration levels where as shaving can sometimes dry the delicate surface of your skin. Also, razors slice off the ends of hairs, leaving sharp edges which are in line with the skin and become exposed within hours, resulting in a prickly feeling.

This removal cream for sensitive skin has been specially formulated to give you sumptuously smooth skin in just 5 minutes. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, it also contains Hydro’Restor ingredients proven to help restore hydration levels to the upper layers of the skin.

Our testers loved the feel of their skin after using this cream. They each found there was no embarrassing rashes, lumps and bumps after use, all said their skin was left beautifully moisturised, touchably soft and smoother for longer than shaving.

Tests were carried out on legs, arms, underarms and even bikini areas. The results were almost unanimous in that the cream was exceptional good on sensitive skin.

The dispenser contains enough cream for around 4 applications and all testers found the process to be quick and the product easy to use. Simply cover the desired area with cream (without rubbing in), leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse away with the aid of the Perfect Touch spatula, which helps to pull dissolved hairs away for perfectly smooth skin.

Tip: Use in an empty bath or shower or on tiled floor in order to avoid spillage on carpet, flooring and clothing. For regular areas like legs and arms, use the winder edge of the spatula. For more curved areas like the bikini line, underarm, knees and ankles, use the smaller edge.